Pangburn falls to Earle in 2A quarterfinals

Pangburn’s Cade McKee goes up for a shot against Earle on Friday in Quitman. Pangburn led at the half but fell to Bulldogs, 73-42. PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHELLE McCARTY

March 6, 2020


QUITMAN – Pangburn held the lead during most of the first half, but Earle’s second-half scoring outburst became too much for the Tigers to overcome.

Earle (20-9) trailed 27-24 at halftime and returned with a 21-6 third-quarter scoring run and defeated Pangburn 73-42 in the Class 2A state tournament quarterfinals at the Bulldog Complex.

Luke Rolland scored 17 points for Pangburn, while Cade McKee finished with 10 points. Rholly Davis led Earle with a game-high 19 points. Jermayne Johnson scored 17 points, followed by Donnie Warren with 15 points and Donnie Cheers had 11 points.

McGee made 2-of-2 free throws and Alex Langley hit 1-of-2 free throws as Pangburn led 8-5 midway through the first quarter. Rolland tied the game at 8-8 with a 3-pointer, but the Tigers regained the lead on another 3-pointer by Rolland.

Cheers scored late in the quarter and reduced Pangburn’s lead to 11-10 going into the second quarter.

The score was tied twice early in the second quarter before Pangburn regained the lead on Jadyn Ramsey’s field goal. Earle rallied for a 20-19 lead before back-to-back 3- pointers by Rolland and Brenden Grayum, giving the Tigers a 25-20 lead.

Pangburn maintained the lead and held a 27-24 advantage at halftime.

The tide turned midway through the third quarter with the game tied at 31-31. Earle had a 14-2 scoring run and pulled away to a 45-33 lead going into the fourth quarter.

Earle outscored the Tigers 28-6 during the fourth quarter.

Pangburn finished the season with a record of 24-15.

Class 2A Quarterfinals
Pangburn  11 16  6  9 - 42
Earle     10 14 21 28 - 73
PANGBURN SCORING (42): Luke Rolland 17, Cade McKee 10, Tanner Galyan 8, Brenden Grayum 3, Jadyn Ramsey 3, Alex Langley 1.
EARLE SCORING (73): Rholly Davis 19, Jermayne Johnson 17, Donnie Warren 15, Donnie Cheers 11, Nick Mathis 6, Devin Johnson 5. 

High scores highlight archery regional tournaments

February 12, 2020


Arkansas National Archery in the Schools tournament

LITTLE ROCK – Impressive team and individual scores highlighted a Saturday of statewide regional competition of the Arkansas National Archery in the Schools Program, sponsored by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

Two teams from each of 12 regional events across three age groups qualified for the ANASP State Tournament, which will be held at Bank OZK Arena in Hot Springs March 6-7. In addition, 12 more at-large teams were selected from each of the three divisions and will compete in Hot Springs.

The elementary and middle school divisions have Friday, March 6, to themselves in Hot Springs, while the senior division will determine its state champion Saturday, March 7. Admission to the event for spectators is free, but the school whose supporters bring the most canned food items will win cash for their team to purchase equipment and other team items. The prize has been donated by the AGFC Commissioners. The canned food drive at the State Tournament is being held to support Arkansas Hunters Feeding the Hungry.

“There were some really high scores from across the state,” Curtis Gray, the AGFC’s coordinator of ANASP, said of the regional tournaments. “All of the tournaments went off without a hitch and we are now marching towards the State Tournament.”

A total of 3,731 girls and boys competed across the state in the three age groupings. Region 4, staged in Cave City, drew a high of 433 competitors.

“There were really good attendance at all of the regionals across the state with the exceptional weather we had this past weekend,” Gray said. “All of the schools are reporting that they were able to raise more than sufficient funds to support their archery programs and other student organizations on their respective campuses through hosting these tournaments.”

The most excitement among the Senior Division teams may have come at Harrison in Region 2, where Alpena’s boys and girls ran up a weekend best 3,341 points to win over Bergman, which had 3,284 points – enough to win most other regions. Valley Springs missed out on the top two spots by ending 12 points shy of Bergman, but Valley Springs landed an at-large berth with its score of 3,272. In another senior regional thriller, Valley View won Region 4 in Cave City by a mere 7 points over Greene County Tech, 3,239-3,232.

Team scores were determined by totaling the top four girls team member scores, the top four boys team member scores and up to four other boys or girls scores for the team.

Other Senior Division region winners and runner-ups, and their points, were: 1–Arkansas Arts Academy (3,063), Bentonville (2,959); 3–Batesville Pioneers (3,191), Hillcrest (3,002); 5–Charleston (3,077), Waldron (3,064); 6 –VHS Eagles (3,090), Pangburn (2,987); 7–Bryant Hornets (3,301), Oden Timberwolves (2,959); 8–Cabot (3,320), Homeschoolers on Target (3,009); 9–Acorn Tigers (3,257), Murfreesboro Rattlers (3,154); 10–Glen Rose (3,115), Robin’s Hoodlums (3,056); 11–El Dorado Wildcats (3,245), Taylor (3,109); 12–Hamburg (2,933), Drew Central (2,715).

Brady Webb of Acorn scored a 295 with 25 bulls-eyes to lead all senior boys scoring on Saturday. Kaleb Tramel of Pottsville and Jacob Jones of Greene County Tech both totaled 292 at their respective regionals, with Tramel getting one more bulls-eye, 23-22.

Emilee Evers of Bergman amassed 293 points, including 23 bulls-eyes, to lead all senior girls scoring. Allie Strother of Oden amassed 292 points, including 23 bulls-eyes, and Emma Everett of Cabot totaled 290 points with 21 bulls-eyes.

Bullseye at Regional Tournament

Middle school regional winners were: Washington Junior High, Bergman, Batesville, Greene County Tech, Charleston, Pangburn, Bryant, Des Arc, Eagle Eye Archery, Murfreesboro Rattlers, Glen Rose, El Dorado Barton and Hamburg. Finishing in second in their regions were: Woodland Junior High, Alpena, Hillcrest, Valley View, Pottsville, Patriots Archery, Bryant Blue, Cabot North, Wickes, Region 10 Straight Shooters, Washington Middle and Blue Steel.

Hill Farm Elementary of Bryant, which has dominated the Elementary Division at the ANASP State Tournament, cruised on to Hot Springs again in winning Region 7 in Mt. Ida. Other elementary qualifiers for the State Tournament were Bentonville Old High Elementary, Arkansas Arts Academy, Bergman, Omaha, Eagle Mountain Magnet, Southside Batesville Southerners, Valley View Intermediate, Cross County Archers, Charleston, Pottsville Apaches, Hornet Archery, Davis Elementary Knocked and Loaded, PFE Archers, Carlisle, Murfreesboro Rattlers Archery, Vandervoort Sharp Shooters, Glen Rose, Mockingjays, Taylor, Emerson, Hamburg and Monticello Blue Steel.

At-large Elementary Division qualifiers (and points in the regional) were Greene County Tech (2,751), Valley Springs (2,725), Sulphur Rock (2,676), Cedar Ridge (2,657), Collegeville (2,656), Hillcrest (2,608), Searcy County (2,602), Salem (2,576), Maynard (2,557), Springhill (2,465), Parker’s Chapel (2,415) and Jasper (2,401).

Middle school at-large qualifiers were Valley Springs (3,131), Omaha (3,105), Maumelle (3,096), Taylor (3,076), Emerson (3,027), Cabot Junior South (3,024), Acorn (3,014), Southside (2,987), Cross County (2,985), Waldron (2921), Carlisle (2,908) and Searcy County (2,889).

Senior High Division teams earning an at-large berth were Valley Springs (3,272), De Queen (3,139), Pottsville (3,042), Brookland (3,000), Omaha (2,997), Southside (2,987), Cross County (2,965), Perryville (2,958) Jasper (2,955), Blevins (2,952), Fordyce (2,951) and Little Rock Christian Academy (2,947).

Track Results: Heber Springs Junior Girls Meet

April 1, 1978

Team: 1. Rose Bud (74); 2. Heber Springs (69); 3. Beebe (18); 4. Bradford (13); 5. Pangburn (11); 6. Mountain View (6).

Shot Put: 1. Seigriest (Bradford), 32-8; 2. Terri Condor (RB), 32-2.5; 3. Moss (RB), 29-11; 4. Hanna (RB), 29-6; 5. McGuine (RB), 29-5

Discus: 1. Moss (RB), 80-11; 2. Becky Rose (HS), 74-4.5; 3. Bulla (Pangburn), 70-1; 4. King (Pangburn), 68-6; 5. Hand (HS), 66-2

Long Jump: 1. Christie Rhodes (HS), 15-10; 2. Terri Condor (RB), 15-5; 3. McGuine (RB), 15-4; 4. Becky Rose (HS), 15-3; 5. Sheila Wynne (HS), 15-2

High Jump: 1. Terri Condor (RB), 4-11; 2. Sheila Wynne (HS), 4-10; 3. McGuine (RB), 4-8; 4. King (Pangburn), 4-7; 5. Becky Rose (HS), 4-4

440 Relay: 1. Heber Springs, 54.3; 2. Rose Bud, 56.3; 3. Pangburn, 59.0; 4. Mountain View, 59.6; 5. Bradford, NT

110 Hurdles: 1. Terri Condor (RB), 17.7; 2. Lesli Alexander (HS), 18.4; 3. Young (Beebe), 18.6; 4. Sheila Wynne (HS), 18.9; 5. Brenda Bailey (HS), 19.0

100: 1. Christie Rhodes (HS), 12.4; 2. Young (Beebe), 12.9; 3. Karen Ramsey (HS), 13.0; 4. Cindy Bittle (HS), 13.2

440: 1. King (RB), 1:08; 2. Seigriest (Bradford), 1:08.1; 3. Noble (Beebe), 1:09.3; 4. McFadden (Beebe), 1:09.4; 5. Greenway (MV), no time available

880 Relay: 1. Heber Springs, 1:55.9; 2. Rose Bud, 1:57.5; 3. Beebe, 2:04.4; 4. Mountain View, 2:05.6; 5. Pangburn, no time available

880: 1. King (RB), 2:48.1; 2. Jackson (RB), 2:49.3; 3. Newman (HS), 2:49.7; 4. Matthews (RB), 2:50.0; 5. Palmer (RB), no time available

220: 1. Christie Rhodes (HS), 28.4; 2. Karen Ramsey (HS), 28.9; 3. McGuine (RB), 29.7; 4. Young (Beebe), 30.2; 5. Lesli Alexander (HS), 30.3

880 Medley: 1. Heber Springs, 2:04.2; 2. Rose Bud, 2:04.25; 3. Beebe, 2:12.8; 4. Bradford, 2:13.3; 5. Mountain View, no time available

Notes: Track was Red Dog clay. Scoring: 6-4-3-2-1.

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