Fan Photo: Heber Springs basketball

These Heber Springs students showed up last Friday as Heber Springs faced Subiaco Academy in senior boys play. Tonight at the Panther Den, beginning at 6 p.m., Heber Springs will face Clarksville with the seniors honored tonight, but more importantly for the Lady Panthers, they will tangle with Clarksville. A win by 8 or more points would give the Panthers the No. 2 seed at next week’s district tournament and an automatic regional tournament berth. PHILIP SEATON PHOTO

Fan Photo: Heber Springs basketball

The Heber Springs student section cheers on the Panther senior boys last Friday night at the Panther Den. Heber Springs will host Clarksville on on Friday. It will be “senior night” for the winter sports teams. The Heber Springs senior girls will be playing for the No. 2 seed in the upcoming district tournament and automatic berth in the regional tournament if they can win by more than seven points. PHILIP SEATON PHOTO

Wood starts work as new coach for Panthers

February 7, 2020


New Heber Springs High School head football coach Todd Wood wasted little time before getting to work.

Wood took the program’s reins Monday (Feb. 3) and spent most of the day in in-service training for teachers. He greeted the players for the first time on Tuesday (Feb. 4) and began the transition.

New Heber Springs head football coach Todd Wood. LARRY McCARTY PHOTO

“Tuesday was the first day with the students,” said Wood, who also will teach social studies. “We have a lot of work ahead of us. I met with coaches Monday about what we want to do and put everything in place.”

Wood said it will take time, but he expressed confidence that players will accept the changes.

“We will be learning the players’ abilities for the next few weeks,” he said. “I need to learn names and put them with faces. We will be working on putting players in the right positions.”

Wood was defensive coordinator at Russeville High School and talked with David Farr, a former head coach of the Panthers and a member of the Russeville staff.

“Coach Farr was very valuable from the beginning when I expressed interest in the job,” Wood said. “He told me the community, school and kids would be great. He is the one who showed me what to expect and said the kids were dedicated to play well and hard workers.”

Wood said players will participate in spring sports, but he hopes to include them in the transition as much as possible.

“Spring ball is not far away,” Wood said. “We need to immediately start teaching a different philosophy of offense and defense. We need to get the players into a learning situaton as fast as possible.”

Wood said extra meetings may be necessary.

“We have our offseason going on and work primarily in the weight room,” he said. “We will be trying to get those guys working on our game plan. We want all of the guys involved.”

Wood was the defensive coordinator at Pulaski Academy from 2003-2016 and said the Panthers will play similar offensive and defensive schemes. The Bruins won six state titles during that time frame.

“I spent 23 years at Pulaski Academy and that had the biggest impact on my coaching philosophy,” Wood said. “I will fit the offense to the players and put them in the best position to win. We plan to utitize the entire field and spread the defense out. It will take a lot of work and we will learn how to play with dicipline.”

Wood plans a familiar approach on defense.

“We want to fit our defense to whatever a team’s offense,” he said. “We will play an aggressive defense with different coverages in the secondary.”

Wood said players will participate in summer camps and also play 7-on-7, but the focus will be on preparing for the start of the season in September.

“We will re-evaluate everything in June and keep the focus on us,” Wood said. “We will learn where to line up and what we need to do. I don’t want the team to be unprepared. Our goal is have a good grasp of the offense and defense before the start of the season.”

Panthers fall to Subiaco Academy

Heber Springs’ Zach Thomas goes up for a shot against Subiaco Academy Friday night at the Panther Den. PHILIP SEATON PHOTO

February 7, 2020


A second-quarter scoring blitz proved too much for the Heber Springs Panthers against Subiaco Academy at the Panther Den Friday.

After Dalton McCollum’s field goal gave Heber Springs a 12-11 lead early in the second quarter, the Trojans seized control with a 17-4 scoring run and defeated the Panthers 54-23 in a 4-4A Conference basketball game.

Heber Springs was held to five points during the final two quarters.

The Panthers, who played with five players at Dardanelle in the previous games, dressed out seven players against Subiaco Academy. Gus Hannah remained sidelined because of the flu and Ryan Crocker was unable to play because of a wrist injury. Zach Thomas and Logan Monahan, who missed the Dardanelle game because of the flu, played for the first time in a week.

“We were running out of gas and juice by halftime,” Heber Springs coach Chad Johnson said. “Garrett Hudsepth injured his knee early in the second half. If we had been a healthy team, it would have been more of a competitive game at the end.”

Heber Springs led for the first time on Adam Martin’s 3-pointer during the opening quarter, 5-4.

Hudspeth scored to increase it the Panther advantage before three consecutive lead changes.

Subiaco Academy led 11-10 going into the second quarter and increased it to 28-16 by halftime.

The Trojans pulled away after going on an 18-2 scoring run and took a 46-18 lead into the fourth quarter.

McCollum scored six points for Heber Springs. Conner King and Matthew Kremers each had 12 points for Subiaco Academy.

Johnson said his team continued the battle against fatigue and lack of depth. He liked how his team played at Dardanelle with only five healthy players.

“The players played with a lot of heart, dug deep and showed a lot of character,” Johnson said. “Dardanelle parents told me how they were impressed how our players competed.”

Heber Springs (1-11 in conference, 1-21 overall) will complete the regular season at Morrilton and host Clarksville on Friday. The conference tournament is scheduled at Dardanelle on Feb. 17-22.

“Both games will be very challenging,” Johnson said. “We lost by five points at Clarksville.”

February 7th
Subiaco Academy 11 17 18 8 - 54
Heber Springs   10  6  2 5 - 23
SUBIACO ACADEMY SCORING (54): Conner King 12, Matthew Kremers 12, Ivan Martijn 9, Paul Niba 6, Johnathan Mercera 5, John Ho 4, Jude Percy-Allen 2, Justin Luidens 2, Nathan Nguyen 2.
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (23): Dalton McCollum 6, Adam Martin 5, Wyatt Sanders 4, Austin Winchester 3, Garrett Hudspeth 2, Logan Monahan 2, Zach Thomas 1. 

February 4th
Heber Springs  9  12  13  13 - 47
Dardanelle    19  14  15  19 - 67
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (47): Wyatt Sanders 18, Dalton McCollum 12, Adam Martin 10, Garrett Hudsepth 5, Austin Winchester 2
DARDANELLE SCORING (67): Blake Chambers 17, Tristan Broadway 12, Sam Williams 8, JT Meling 8, Marteez Jackson 6, Chris Martin 6, Clayton Potter 4, Jordan Metcalf 2, Titus Spencer 2, Nathaniel Griffiths 2

January 31
Heber Springs  7  3  10  9 - 29
Ozark         17 17  14 12 - 60
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (29): Dalton McCollum 13, Wyatt Sanders 6, Austin Winchester 5, Gus Hannah 3, Garrett Hudspeth 2
OZARK SCORING (60): Corbin Pelts 12, Jaxson Harris 11, Sebastian Ross 10, Ethan Dorrough 9, Keystan Durning 7, Wyatt Clauson 4,Tanner Bailie 3, Kayden McAnally 2, Kirkland Quinton 2
,              Conference Season
Morrilton          9-3     17-8
Ozark              9-3     16-8
Dardanelle         9-3     22-3
Pottsville         8-4     10-10
Clarksville        6-6     10-14
Subiaco Academy    5-7      9-14
Heber Springs      1-11     1-21
Dover              1-11     5-20  
RECORD: 1-21
4A-4 RECORD: 1-11
November 21 - Riverview 68, Heber Springs 36
November 26 - Clinton 71, Heber Springs 35
December 3 - Conway St. Joseph 44, Heber Springs 21 #
December 5 - South Side Bee Branch 50, Heber Springs 49 #
December 10 - Heber Springs 37, Dover 32 ^
December 12 - South Side Bee Branch 64, Heber Springs 53
December 13 - Marshall 69, Heber Springs 43
December 16 - White County Central 65, Heber Springs 43
December 20 - Ozark 69, Heber Springs 34 ^
December 26 - Rose Bud 68, Heber Springs 65 (OT) *
December 27 - Batesville 72, Heber Springs 60 *
December 28 - Mayflower 66, Heber Springs 41 *
January 7 - Pottsville 59, Heber Springs 26 ^
January 10 - Subiaco Academy 47, Heber Springs 28 ^
January 14 - Dardanelle 70, Heber Springs 13 ^
January 17 - Clarksville 38, Heber Springs 32 ^
January 21 - Morrilton 58, Heber Springs 43 ^
January 24 - Dover 55, Heber Springs 50 ^
January 28 - Pottsville 68, Heber Springs 49 ^
January 31 - Ozark 60, Heber Springs 29 ^
February 4 - Dardanelle 67, Heber Springs 47 ^
February 7 - Subiaco Academy 54, Heber Springs 23 ^
February 11 - at Morrilton ^
February 14 - Clarksville (Senior Night) ^
February 17 - 4A-4 District at Dardanelle

(# - Denotes Conway St. Joseph Tournament)
(^ - Denotes 4A-4 conference contest) 
(* - Steve Landers' Cowboy Chevrolet Holiday Classic at Heber Springs)

Panthers head to district tournament as No. 4 seed

February 10, 2020

The Heber Springs junior high boys closed out their regular season with a 46-24 victory over Subiaco Academy Friday night at the Panther Den.

Eli Riggs (11) and Conner Riddle (10) each finished in double figures as the Panthers led 24-14 at the half and 41-22 at the end of three quarters.

Heber Springs finished the season as No. 4 seed and will open the 4A-4 District tournament today at Ozark. The Panthers will play Dover at 5 p.m. The Pirates defeated Heber Springs at the Marshall tournament, 43-36, and on January 24 at Heber Springs, 39-28, while the Panthers won at Dover on December 10, 45-33.

The winner of the Dover/Heber Springs contest will play at 5:30 p.m. in the semifinals at Ozark.

February 7
Subiaco Academy   4  10  8  2 - 24
Heber Springs     9  15 17  5 - 46
SUBIACO ACADEMY SCORING (24): B. Koch 9, G. Vargas 8, M. Mayeux 4, L. Hess 3
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (46): Eli Riggs 11, Conner Riddle 10, Ladd Choate 7, Xander Lindley 6, Luke Greenwald 4, Bent McClain 4, Hud Haggard 2, Bauer Pruitt 2

February 6
CEDAR RIDGE SCORING (10): No. 14 4, No. 31 2, No. 5 2, No. 44 2
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (30): Hud Haggard 12, Easton Cusick 10, Wyatt Winchester 6, Ladd Choate 2

February 4
Dardanelle      22  12  9   1 - 44
Heber Springs    4   5  7  13 - 29
DARDANELLE SCORING (44): Braden Tanner 12, Robert Millard 10, Drew Vega 7, Chase Jordan 6, Holt 5, Trenton Whitecotton 4
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (29): Hud Haggard 12, Conner Riddle 7, Ladd Choate 6, Bauer Pruitt 2, Bent McClain 2

January 31
Ozark         20  19  16  7 - 62
Heber Springs  9   8  14  7 - 33
OZARK SCORING (62): Watson 22, Shaffer 11, Masingale 10, Peters 5, Archer 4, Wright 3, Cowell 3, Stane 2, Parker 2
HEBER SPRINGS SCORING (33): Conner Riddle 12, Eli Riggs 8, Bent McClain 6, Bauer Pruitt 5, Wyatt Winchester 3, Hud Haggard 2, Ladd Choate 2
COACH: Chad Johnson
4A-4 RECORD: 3-6
November 9 - Greenbrier 37, Heber Springs 17 ^
November 12 - Nemo Vista 45, Heber Springs 37
November 13 - Heber Springs 54, Yellville-Summit 50 ^
November 14 - Dover 43, Heber Springs 36 ^
November 19 - Heber Springs 44, South Side Bee Branch 38
November 21 - Riverview 51, Heber Springs 21
November 23 - Cabot South 8th 37, Heber Springs 33 *
November 23 - Conway Blue 71, Heber Springs 39 *
November 26 - Clinton 44, Heber Springs 27
December 10 - Heber Springs 45, Dover 33 #
December 13 - Marshall 46, Heber Springs 38
December 16 - Heber Springs 36, White County Central 35
December 20 - Ozark 46, Heber Springs 28 #
January 7 - Pottsville 51, Heber Springs 35 #
January 10 - Heber Springs 33, Subiaco Academy 3 #
January 14 - Dardanelle 43, Heber Springs 17 #
January 16 - Mount Vernon-Enola 44, Heber Springs 41 (OT)
January 24 - Dover 39, Heber Springs 28 #
January 27 - Mayflower 52, Heber Springs 20
January 28 - Pottsville 59, Heber Springs 28 #
January 31 - Ozark 62, Heber Springs 33 #
February 4 - Dardanelle 44, Heber Springs 29 #
February 7 - Heber Springs 46, Subiaco Academy 24 #
February 10 - Heber Springs vs. Dover $

(^ - Denotes Marshall Tournament)
(* - Denotes Heber Springs Tournament)
(# - Denotes 4A-4 Conference Game) 
($ - Denotes 4A-4 District Tournament at Ozark)

Weekly Fishing Report for central Arkansas

February 7, 2020


Craig D. Campbell Lake Conway Reservoir

NOTICE: AGFC employees and contractors using airboats conducted foliar applications of EPA-approved herbicide – which will cause no harm to wildlife, people or aquatic life such as fish – to treat alligatorweed on Lake Conway last year. By federal law, these herbicides have up to a 120-day irrigation restriction after application. The AGFC asks adjacent landowners to NOT irrigate for lawn or garden use with water from Lake Conway through March 1, 2020. For more information, please contact the AGFC Fisheries Office in Mayflower at (877) 470-3309.

(updated 2-5-2020) Bates Field and Stream (501-470-1846) said the lake continues to maintain its normal Lake Conway stained and is back to a normal level as of Tuesday morning. Bream are good on redworms, crickets and artificial baits. Crappie are good on minnows and jigs. Black bass are good using spinnerbaits, crankbaits and white chatterbaits. Catfish are good on nightcrawlers, dough bait and big minnows.

Little Red River

(updated 2-5-2020) Lowell Myers of Sore Lip’em All Guide Service (501-230-0730) said heavy generation schedule is expected on the Little Red River due to recent rains. For fly fishing, we recommend san juan worms, micro jigs, egg pattern and streamers during high water conditions. Hot pink, cotton candy and white colored bodies on chartreuse jig heads are recommended for Trout Magnet spin fishing. Be safe while enjoying the river. Always check before heading to the Little Red River by calling the Corps of Engineers Little Rock District water data system (501-362-5150) for Greers Ferry Dam water release information or check the Army Corps of Engineers website for real-time water release and the Southwestern Power Administration website to see forecasted generation schedule.

(updated 2-5-2020) Greg Seaton of (501-690-9166) said that after four days of 12-hour, two-unit generation, it is now two units at a reduced rate running 24 hours from Greers Ferry Lake dam. The flow will fluctuate slightly during the day due to the fact that they are regulating the electrical grid with Greers Ferry. This will probably continue through this weekend and, depending on the amount of rainfall, most of next week. With the rainfall and colder temperatures, one should check each day before planning your fishing trip. The lake is still about 2 feet above normal and rising. Please stay safe if you’re on the river during the generation. Higher water with increased flows requires more attention to remain safe on the water.
Notice: Greg’s free fly-fishing class will again be offered at First United Methodist Church in Heber Springs this year. The first class will be at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Feb. 20. The class will consist of four consecutive Thursday nights at the same time each Thursday. There is no charge for this class but you need to call and register so we can know how many persons will be attending. This class is for beginners and anyone wishing to expand their knowledge of fly-fishing. Please call 501-690-9166 to register for the class. “If I’m on the river, please leave a message and I will return your call,” Greg says.

Greers Ferry Lake

As of Wednesday, the Army Corps of Engineers reports the lake’s elevation at 464.36 feet msl (normal conservation pool: 462.54 feet msl).

(updated 2-5-2020) Tommy Cauley of Fishfinder Guide Service (501-940-1318) said the water level at Greers Ferry Lake is at 464.16 feet msl, 2.12 feet above normal pool for this time of year of 462.04 feet msl and coming up more with the rain and forecasts rain. All species are in their wintertime haunts; even with the warm weather we have had, just angle of sun and time for them to move somewhat deeper following the shad, etc. Crappie can still be caught trolling or jigging in 18-35 feet of water. With walleye, the river spawners will make another push uplake and further upriver to do their thing, and lake fish will bite in lake deeper 28-40 feet on jighead minnows, and crankbaits trolled. Black bass can be caught dragging something, Alabama rigs, or crankbaits as well as hair jigs or spoons in real shallow out to 60 feet. No report on breamHybrid and white bass will eat spoons, inline spinners, E_Bar City Spinbaits, hair jigs, swimbaits and Alabama rigs in 30-60 feet. No report on catfish.

Harris Brake Lake

(updated 2-5-2020) Harris Brake Lake Resort (501-889-2745) says fishing picked up a little in the past week. The water as of Tuesday was a little murky but at a normal level. Crappie fishing is poor, and there have been no bass reports. But anglers report catching big white bass. The results have been good, but no lures were mentioned. Catfishing is good with chicken liver or nightcrawlers.

Lake Overcup

NOTICE: AGFC employees and contractors using airboats will be conducting foliar applications of EPA-approved herbicide – which will cause no harm to wildlife, people or aquatic life such as fish – to treat alligatorweed on Lake Overcup last year. By federal law, these herbicides have up to a 120-day irrigation restriction after application. The AGFC asks adjacent landowners to NOT irrigate for lawn or garden use with water from Lake Overcup through March 1, 2020. For more information, please contact the AGFC Fisheries Office in Mayflower at (877) 470-3309.

(updated 1-29-2020) Johnny “Catfish” Banks of Overcup Bait Shop and R.V. Park (501-354-9007) had no report. Visit Johnny’s Facebook page (Overcup Bait Shop and R.V. Park) for any latest updates and photos.

Brewer Lake

(updated 2-5-2020) David Hall, owner of Dad’s Bait Shop (501-977-0303), said water is high and the surface temperature Tuesday morning was 58 degrees. Crappie are good on No. 6 minnows and pink minnows, along with tri-color crappie tubes and Bobby Garland Baby Shad. Black bass are good on minnows and Tequila Sunrise worms. Catfish are good. The bites are on the bottom using chicken liver and black salties. David says all bait and, now, groceries are available at Dad’s Bait Shop.

Lake Maumelle

(updated 2-5-2020) Westrock Landing (501-658-5598) on Highway 10 near Roland said water temperature is in the mid-40s. Largemouth bass are fair. Some can be found shallow around 8-12 feet biting a variety of lures. Try using crankbaits, spinnerbaits, drop-shots and swimbaits. Kentucky bass are slow. Some reports of them being found in 10-15 feet of water outside the grass line at dusk and dawn. They can also be found in 18-22 feet off drops and rocky banks. White bass are slow. Crappie are fair. Reports of them being found scattered in the river channel around 20-24 feet. Some can still be found scattered mixed in with the whites. Try using jigs and minnows. Bream are slow, no reports this week. Give a try, though, using crickets and worms. Catfish are slow. Best to use chicken liver and crayfish.

Sunset Lake

(updated 2-5-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said crappie have been doing well early in the mornings off of pink crappie minnows and size 4 crappie minnows . Fish around the dock and also closer to the little island out there. Bass have been biting on the brooder minnows and also small jigs like beetle spins and spinnerbaits (black at night and white and pink during the day). With the warmer temperatures the bream have been going after the crickets and redworms pretty well. Catfish are being caught off of nightcrawlers and No. 12 bass minnows. You can find the regulations for this lake in the new AGFC Fishing Guidebook on page 70 at the top of the page (which we have if you need one!).

Bishop Park Ponds

(updated 2-5-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said crappie are being caught on No. 6 crappie minnows. Catfish doing good on No. 12 bass minnows, nightcrawlers and cut bait. Bass are fair on brooder minnows and No. 12 bass minnows. Bream being taken on crickets as well as on redworms and brown Rock Hoppers .

Saline River Access in Benton

(updated 2-5-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) says with the access to the river under the I-30 bridge past Sunset Lake being closed due to the construction, it has made it hard for some to get up to the spillway. For now putting in at Lyle Park access and going down to it would be an option. Catfish have been doing pretty well there at the spillway with minnows on the bottom. If you want the walleye, use the brooders just with a small split shot and let them go; don’t fish them on bottom unless you want a catfish. “A couple of guys have done good on the walleye there with brooders. Some getting a few and others getting almost their limit.”
Lisa adds “My husband went early Sunday morning. He caught four walleye, missed three others, then caught a nice Kentucky. He said once it got sunlight the fish cut off, he didn’t have another bite. Which is 6 per person. You can find the regulations for the river in the new AGFC Fishing Guidebook on page 78 at the top of the page.”
Crappie are doing well on No. 6 crappie minnows and pink crappie minnows. Bass have been doing well off of brooder minnows too.

Some of Lisa’s customers indicate to her that Lake Hamilton crappie are doing well on the brush using the pink crappie minnows.

Lake Norrell

(updated 2-5-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) said she’s heard good reports of some slab crappie being caught up in the coves using No. 6 crappie minnows and pink crappie minnows. Black bass are being caught around the docks with No. 12 bass minnows and brooder minnows as well as spinnerbaits and Zing Tails – Firetiger color has been good. Catfish are good on cut bait, goldfish and nightcrawlers. As few bream are being caught off of crickets fishing on bottom.

Lake Winona

(updated 2-5-2020) Lisa Spencer at Lisa’s Bait Shop (501-778-6944) says catfish are doing fair on bait shrimp, nightcrawlers and goldfish. Crappie are good on No. 6 crappie minnows and No. 12 bass minnows. A few walleye have been caught off of brooder minnows & bass minnows. Bream are fair on crickets. Black bass have been caught off of minnows as well, lots of small bass.