Upper Class Teams win in High Games

Seniors and Juniors defeat Freshmen and Sophomores by Big Scores

October 6, 1913

LITTLE ROCK – The football team representing the senior and junior classes of the Little Rock High School defeated the freshmen and sophomores yesterday afternoon by the respective scores of 47 to 18 and 52 to 6. The underclassmen were not able to cross the goal lines of the opponents and secured their points through handicaps.

The upper class teams, although weakened by the absence of several players, put up good games and had things much their own way. Martin and England were the most consistent ground gainers for the seniors and Collamore played a good game for the freshmen. This quarterback is light, but very aggressive, and in a few years should prove one of the best players turned out at the local school. In addition to these players, Hampel, Nichols and Harris starred.

In the Junior-Freshmen game, Kavanaugh, Jackson, Harris and Bowman played the best football. The Juniors had possession of the ball practically throughout the game and their goal line was not in danger at any stage. Weist, Anderson, Kitchens and Lindsay did the best work for the Sophomores. The Juniors used the forward pass frequently and made gains with it.

The Seniors will meet the Juniors and the Sophomores will meet the Freshmen next Monday (October 13), and the best games of the series are anticipated.

Source: Arkansas Gazette, October 7, 1913

South Central League Team cleans up on Amateur Nine

August 19, 1912

STAMPS – The Texarkana team of the South Central League defeated Stamps here today (August 19) in a slow and uninteresting contest: Score 11 to 2.

Anderson started the game for Stamps, but was ineffective and was derricked in the third inning.

Moore went into the box and pitched good ball, being scored on only the seventh, when he went up in the air and allowed seven runs to be put over. Baber, on the mound for Texarkana, was hit freely by the locals, but tightened in the pinches. Miles and Hardy were leading batters of the day. Batteries for Texarkana were Baber and Buster; Stamps, Moore, Anderson and Rotten.

Source: Arkansas Gazette, August 20, 1912

Track Results: Heber Springs Wins Junior Girls Meet

March 21, 1978

(Editor’s Note: For name corrections, and/or to add first names please leave the information in the comments section below. The comments will not be published. The information will be greatly appreciated.)

Teams: Heber Springs 95; Mountain View 18; Vilonia 9.

Discus: 1. Becky Rose (HS), 61-5.5; 2. B. Anderson (HS), 56-4.5; 3. R. Williams (Vilonia), 51-11; 4. L. Cockrell (MV), 50-0

110 Hurdles: 1. Sheila Wynne (HS), 18.6; 2. Lesli Alexander (HS), 18.7; 3. Brenda Bailey (HS), 18.8; 4. Scroggins (MV), 19.7

Long Jump: 1. Sheila Wynne (HS), 14-8; 2. Becky Rose (HS), 14-2; 3. Stoll (HS), 13-8

440 Relay: 1. Heber Springs, 55.5; 2. Mountain View, 60.1; 3. Vilonia, 62-5

Shot Put: 1. Becky Rose (HS), 27-3; 2. Guyer (Vilonia),24-8.5; 3. Janet Caudell (HS), 23-0; 4. Williams (Vilonia), 22-0.5; 5. Stoll (HS), 22-0.25

100: 1. Christie Rhodes (HS), 12.3; 2. Karen Ramsey (HS), 12.8; 3. Cindy Bittle (HS), 12.9; 4. Mode (Vilonia), 13.7

880 Relay: 1. Heber Springs, 1:57.6; 2. Mountain View, 2:09

High Jump: 1. Sheila Wynne (HS), 4-7; 2. Becky Rose (HS), 4-7; 3. Glenn (HS), 4-6

440: 1. Johnson (HS), 1:10.2; 2. Janet Caudell (HS), 1:12.8; 3. Greenway (MV), 1:13.4

880: 1. Cockrell (HS), 3:10; 2. Pruitt (HS), 3:11.1; 3. Hines (MV), 3:12.8; 4. Begley (MV), 3:27

220: 1. Karen Ramsey (HS), 29.3; 2. Lesli Alexander (HS), 30.3; 3. Norman (MV), 31.9; 4. Breeding (MV), 33.8

880 Medley: 1. Heber Springs, 2:08.4; 2. Mountain View, 2:18.0

Notes: Weather was sunny with a little wind. Scoring was 5-3-2-1.

Source: Heber Springs Official Scorebook.