UPDATED: Former HSHS football players needed to vote for all-decade teams

(UPDATE: I appreciate everyone that is taking the time to respond and vote. I have received a lot of ballots back, but I am going to extend the deadline for at least a week to Sept. 10 in order to reach more former players. So please spread the word to all of your former teammates, especially those that may not be on social media. Would love to have everyone that wants to vote, have a chance.)

When the Heber Springs Panthers kick off their 2021 season at Newport on Sept. 3, it will mark the 100th season of football at Heber Springs High School.

Heber Springs played one season in 1913, then started again in 1921 and played continuously until the 1947 season, when the program was halted for two years because of financial reasons. The program resumed in 1949 and has played since.

In honor of the 100th season, Heber Springs coach Todd Wood has put “100” stickers on the helmets this season.

Here at MarkedTime.com, we are going to be doing several things in honor of the 100th season. One of those is picking all-decade teams and we need your help.

The Publisher of MarkedTime.com, Philip Seaton, has been researching the history of the program, whether it be from local or statewide sources. He has compiled a ballot for each decade, due to limited print coverage in the early decades, the all-decade teams prior to 1950s will chosen by a committee. But for the other decades, it will be done by a panel and vote by former senior high players.

This is where we need your help as a former Panther football player. Starting between now and midnight Sept. 1, will be sending out ballots and accepting votes on the top players from each of the following decades 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s. Players are eligible according to the last game the played, for example if you were part of the class of 1990, your class would be part of the 1980s.

Players were put on the ballot if they were named All-State, All-Conference, Honorable Mention All-Conference or received a team award for best offensive, defensive or special teams player. Some players were also added based upon recommendations of former players and coaches. If you do not see a player listed who feel is deserving, you can write them in.

If you would like to help us out, all you have to do is comment to this story below with the following information (your name), (your email address), (your graduation year), (the years you played senior high football), (a yes or no if you want to be contacted by other voters who want to make a case for a particular player(s)), and (the decades you want to vote on – you did not have to play in the decade you want to vote on, so you can vote for them if you choose). Please note, comments have to be approved before posting and none of them will be approved or posted for the public to see. Your email address will not be sold or shared (unless you okay it to be shared with former players who want to solicit votes for a particular player). Also note, if you vote in multiple decades, you will get multiple emails. Each decade will be emailed individually.

Please share with all your former teammates and players that you know.

The deadline to vote is midnight Sept. 1.

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