Picks All-Hendrix Football Team

December 5, 1913

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

Editor J.J. Harrison of the Hendrix Bulldog publishes in this week’s edition of that journal an all-Hendrix football team, selecting the best men who have served in the team since intercollegiate football was begun. His article on the subject appears below:

We were asked the other day to name our selection of an all-time Hendrix team. In making the following choices, we have picked a combination with a a view more to their team play than to their individual worth.

The list contains four former captains:

  • Left End: Charles
  • Left Tackle: Cunningham
  • Left Guard: Bishop
  • Center: Shinn
  • Right Guard: Jack Johnson
  • Right Tackle: Young
  • Right End: Harton
  • Quarterback: Gal Harrison
  • Right Halfback: Holmes
  • Left Halfback: Staples
  • Fullback: Bill James

Bill James gets the call over McCormack because of superior speed, though there is little choice even then. No one disputes the selection of Holmes and Staples. Gal Harrison gets his place by virtue of being the greatest passer and punter Hendrix ever had as well as a great field general. Young’s nerve gets him his place just as Bishop’s “head” gets him a place at guard. Most everyone will agree on the other selections. Harton would do the place-kicking and part of the punting. Charles is a great passer and his left hand shots would confuse the enemy on formation passes.

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