Guy High School

November 22, 1916

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

The Guy high school is moving along smoothly and every boy and girl seems to be working faithfully.

The open session of the Franklin Literary Society was a decided success. We commend our young people for their efforts and thank our patrons for their presence.

Prof. Gray has coached his basketball team into a very effective machine. He works out daily with his husky boys. The town supports the team and is very proud of the record they are making. We believe Mr. Gray is developing our boys morally and physically on the baksetball court. Our last game against Springfield resulted in Guy’s favor, 31 to 28.

Guy downs Springfield

November 21, 1916

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

GUY – In one of the hardest fought basketball games played on the local court, the Guy team defeated Springfield by the narrow margin of 31-28. The teams were evenly matched and every man on both teams fought like a demon for victory. At the end of the first half the score stood 11 to 12 for Guy.

At the beginning of the last half both teams come on the court of “pep” and fight. Had it not been for the clever team work of the Guy team, Springfield would have made quick work of them. Time after time the efficient team work of Guy was smashed by the alert Springfield lads. The individual star for the Guy team was Capt. Glover, who made 21 of the 31 points made by the local chaps. “Check” Henry starred for the visitors, scoring nine points.

Webb and Pate, guards for the locals (Guy), played a great game and convinced the visitors that they were “on the square”. Our big center, Halbrook, used good head work and placed the ball at will to his teammates. Coach Gray of the Guy team had confidence in his men and expects to develop one of the best high school teams in the state.

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Hendrix Eleven Puts Up Stubborn But Losing Battle on Henderson-Brown’s Gridiron

November 17, 1916

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

ARKADELPHIA – The Hendrix College Bulldogs, playing against great odds, lost to the Henderson-Brown Reddies here yesterday afternoon (November 17), 19-0. A majority of Coach Bill Headrick’s charges should have been under the care of physicians and trained nurses instead of playing football.

Here is the line on the physical condition of the Bulldogs. Herman Gossett, one of the best ends ever turned out at Hendrix, did not even get into the battle, as he was suffering from a broken shoulder.

Captain Roy Wilson at Center was unable to put up the fight he usually displays as he has a badly sprained ankle.

Hulon Holmes at end was suffering intense agonies throughout the melee from a sprained ankle and four broken toes.

Jim Wahl at fullback was considerably set back on account of muscles in his back being out of commission.

Other members of the team were suffering more or less serious injuries.

Withal, however, it must be said that the Hendrix team staged a stubborn fight. The lads were slow to take advantages of the fumbles committed by the opposing team, which accounts for a least one of the Reddies’ three touchdowns. The first quarter was Hendrix’ in every particular, but during the remaining three periods the Bulldogs played on the defensive most of the time.

Henderson’s first touchdown was made by Boone in the second quarter two minutes after play was begun. The Reddie quarterback circled left end, covering the 42 yards between him and the goal line with “Piggie” Sinclair at his heels. “Piggie” was unable to gain enough on the runner to make a tackle. Goal was missed. Score, Henderson 6, Hendrix 0.

The second half opened with Hendrix kicking, recovering the ball on its 25-yard line when the Reddies failed to make their downs. After gaining seven yards, Hendrix punted. Henderson being downed in midfield where Boone plowed through the line for the second touchdown. Boone kicked goal. Score, Henderson 13, Hendrix 0.

In the fourth quarter, Henderson carried the ball to Hendrix’ five-yard line and fumbled. Three Bulldogs apparently stood by and watched two Reddies jump upon the ball, recovering it for Henderson. On the next play, Gee carried the ball over for a touchdown. Goal was missed. Score, Henderson 19, Hendrix 0.

With the Bulldogs in condition, they probably would have held the Arkadelphians scoreless, but they would have found it difficult to score on the machine of Coach Jimmie Haygood’s. The Reddies played a charging game, very little open work being displayed. The Hendrix line crumbled under the onslaughts of the Reddies, and it was through this medium that a majority of their gains came. The Henderson backs formed an excellent interference for the runner.

The home team was penalized frequently for holding, tripping and offside plays, while Hendrix sustained few penalties, all of which were for off-sides.

Yesterday’s score was the same by which the Bulldogs defeated the Reddies at Conway last year. The teams will meet year on Russell Field at Conway.