Guy High School

November 22, 1916

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

The Guy high school is moving along smoothly and every boy and girl seems to be working faithfully.

The open session of the Franklin Literary Society was a decided success. We commend our young people for their efforts and thank our patrons for their presence.

Prof. Gray has coached his basketball team into a very effective machine. He works out daily with his husky boys. The town supports the team and is very proud of the record they are making. We believe Mr. Gray is developing our boys morally and physically on the baksetball court. Our last game against Springfield resulted in Guy’s favor, 31 to 28.

Guy downs Springfield

November 21, 1916

Conway Log Cabin Democrat Weekly

GUY – In one of the hardest fought basketball games played on the local court, the Guy team defeated Springfield by the narrow margin of 31-28. The teams were evenly matched and every man on both teams fought like a demon for victory. At the end of the first half the score stood 11 to 12 for Guy.

At the beginning of the last half both teams come on the court of “pep” and fight. Had it not been for the clever team work of the Guy team, Springfield would have made quick work of them. Time after time the efficient team work of Guy was smashed by the alert Springfield lads. The individual star for the Guy team was Capt. Glover, who made 21 of the 31 points made by the local chaps. “Check” Henry starred for the visitors, scoring nine points.

Webb and Pate, guards for the locals (Guy), played a great game and convinced the visitors that they were “on the square”. Our big center, Halbrook, used good head work and placed the ball at will to his teammates. Coach Gray of the Guy team had confidence in his men and expects to develop one of the best high school teams in the state.

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